SWAN at the Batik Workshop

Kasia of SWAN describes a recent SWAN activity:

“A few Saturdays ago some of us took part in a Batik workshop led by Amy from Autistic Initiatives. Batik is an art using wax painted on silk and then dyes used to paint a picture. We had 3 hours to accomplish our task and I felt very unsure if I would be able to figure out what to draw on my 2 canvases. It ended up as an interesting experience.

“It reminded me that I cannot always do things perfectly especially if I am learning something new. I also was reminded to enjoy the experience for what it was. It was a good time with people who wanted to do something together with me. Maybe next time I’ll meet you there too.

“These paintings were not finished on the day. Amy took our batiks away to remove the wax and join all the paintings made that day into one big one. One of mine tells my story about being torn between spaces and people I love and the other is about things that make me feel connected, feeling part of something bigger.

“And one thing more. Thank you Amy. It was lovely to meet you.”

December 2014


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