Daily Life Skills for Autistic Girls & Women

Successful SWAN learning seminar

On 2nd October 2017 SWAN held it’s 4th learning seminar entitled ‘Daily life skills for autistic girls and women’.

This one-day event was led by Sarah Hendrickx, Bill Colley, Dr Claire Evans-Williams and members of SWAN and included presentations, workshops and a Q & A session.

It was a fully booked event and we had a fantastic and informative day.

The presentations were videoed. Catriona Stewart, Chair of SWAN, introduced the day.

Claire Evans-Williams is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Lead for The Autism Academy UK. Claire discussed the development of an ‘Autistic Hierarchy of Needs’ as a practical tool for supporting health and wellbeing.

Sarah Hendrickx was in her 40s before she knew she was autistic. It explained a lot about all sorts of things she’d found difficult and puzzling throughout her life. In her presentation ‘An Autistic Women’s Survival Guide to Life’ Sarah will talk about familiar adventures of life as an autistic female and share ways in which she has found to live well in a strange world.

Bill Colley is an author, teacher and SEN consultant whose area of specialism is ADHD. He will be explaining what is meant by ‘executive function’, how it effects everyday life and presenting tips and tools for navigating such things as: how to cope with a new environment (i.e. university or college) and how to organise a day filled with demands (deadlines, getting from place to place etc).

Dr Catriona Stewart chairs SWAN (Scottish Women’s Autism Network) and is Academic Advisor to Scottish Autism’s Right Click programme. She is conducting ongoing research into women and girls and gives talks and training, and has had input into a range of consultations, publications and reports, including presenting to a committee of UN Women.

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