Post-school Education

What makes for good practice in education for girls and women on the autism spectrum?

  • Making effective support available
  • Having a named person to go to
  • Mentoring/buddy systems
  • Life skills and social skills support
  • Providing extra support at the start of college/university
  • Making sure that needs assessments are carried out by staff with thorough training so that any support given is useful and individualised
  • Use of a variety of teaching styles including use of visual aids
  • Staff being willing to make reasonable adjustments

What are the constraints on this good practice?

  • Large class sizes
  • Emphasis on group project work in many courses
  • Staff not following recommendations of needs assessments
  • Huge social pressures
  • Not knowing what support is available and where to access it

How could these constraints be overcome?

  • Improving staff and student knowledge and understanding of the support systems available
  • Offering alternatives to group work
  • Arranging regular reviews with students
  • Having Autism Champions in colleges and universities

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