All autistic women and girls will come in to contact with healthcare services at some point, whether this is directly related to autism or not. This means going to appointments with practitioners who may or may not have a good understanding of autism and the specific needs of women and girls.

In this section is some advice on attending appointments for autistic women and girls, for people supporting them to appointments, and for healthcare practitioners. Below you’ll also find some useful resources. This information is based on discussions at our learning event ‘Health and Wellbeing for Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum’.


SWAN leaflets:

A Guide for Health Professionals Working with Autistic Women

A Guide for Autistic Women when Engaging with Health Professionals

National Autistic Society resources:

Website Pages on Health

National Autistic Society Hospital Passport 

NHS Education for Scotland resources:

Online learning module for GPs and Primary Care Practitioners

Autism Training Framework for all NHS Scotland staff

Autism Network Scotland:

Explanation of the roles of different professionals


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