Daily Living Skills

Building skills in a group setting

  • DIY groups
    • Practical skills, social skills
    • Baking, washing

Taking overload into account

  • So much information to process in a day
  • Talk through prioritisation of tasks with someone
  • Important not to try and do everything at once – space out tasks across the week/month

Breaking things down into small tasks

Role of schools

  • Schools should teach skills such as money management, washing
  • Should be taught from an early age

Using tools to help manage time and tasks

  • Reminders on phone
  • Checklists (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Visual timetables of what needs doing when

Online shopping

  • Avoid sensory overload in supermarket
  • Can plan meals in advance then make shopping list for what ingredients needed

Having someone to model how to do tasks

  • Could be a parent, friend, mentor, teacher
  • Learn through observing

Budgeting skills are important

  • Having different money banks for different expenses
  • Can be helpful to get support to develop a detailed monthly or weekly budget

Planning journeys ahead

  • Plan out routes
  • Use Google Maps
  • Write up travel plans in advance

Life skills courses

Online resources

  • FlyLady – website that has directions for household tasks and getting organised

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