Emotional Regulation

At our event ‘Health and Wellbeing for Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum’ in October 2015, we asked attendees what things they know of that can help with emotional regulation. Below is a summary of what they told us.

Finding activities that are fulfilling

  • This could be anything that makes you feel good, for example:
    • Sports activities
    • Pets
    • Dancing
    • Singing

Having opportunities to relax

Developing strategies and supports that are calming

Understanding emotions

Understanding sensory sensitivities and related needs and triggers

Supporting others to understand signs

  • Key people should know what indicators there are that someone isn’t coping
  • Others knowing triggers for anxieties can help prevent them
  • Have key words that can indicate subtly to others when not ok

Planning and managing expectations

  • Knowing what to expect can reduce anxiety
    • Research new places in advance
  • Talk things through with someone

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