Women and Girls professional resources

Scottish Autism has launched a series of resources and animations developed from information collected through an online questionnaire, focus groups, interviews with individual practitioners and autistic women, and other recent research studies.

Each animation and associated resource summarises these findings, presenting it in a succinct and useful form for busy professionals. They contain a summary of key points with links to appropriate items within our Women and Girls online support programme and other resources, from websites, online information and books.

With thanks to Lou McGill for her animations, SWAN for their contribution to the research, the Scottish Government for funding, Dr Catriona Stewart for compiling and writing the resources and to Rachel Birch for narration.

Go and have a look at the resources and animations

  1. Jacinta Fox 2 years ago

    Very interested in the online event today. Cannot access tickets. Is this sold out? Is there a link?

    • Lou McGill 2 years ago

      Hi there – it is best to use the facebook page to find out about events at present.

  2. Angela Mcavoy 2 years ago

    I’m 39 and been told I have autism along with other things

  3. Lou McGill 2 years ago

    Hi Angela
    welcome to the SWAN website and community…

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